Solid Wood Flooring

We are proud to be distributors of Harcourt Solid Wood Flooring. Harcourt are acknowledged as market leaders in this field.

Solid wood flooring is made from one solid plank and so is solid the whole way through; it has not been engineered or glued.

Solid wood floors are recognised as a high quality building material. They are long lasting and completely renewable with very little effort. Aside from these benefits solid wood floors are fashionable, minimalist and above all, desirable

Solid wood is suitable for any room except the bathroom. You must also consider whether the floor will be on, above or below-grade (in general terms this is the floor level. Above grade is above ground, below grade is below ground - ie. In a basement). Due to potential moisture problems, solid hardwood is not suitable in basements but are fine for on or above grade rooms.



Harcourt Solid Wood Flooring from J.Walker Carpets Linlithgow